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Short Films

  • Jain Monk’s Memory Wonder
    Film on 500 Avadhan presentation by Jain Muni Sri Ajit Chandra Sagar. Muni Memories 500 different items including Sanskrit, Prakrit Slokas, Names of Persons, Places, Long Numbers, Things shown to him, Sounds, Mathematical Puzzles, etc., then he speaks out all 500 items in sequence as told or shown to him, then reverse sequence and sequence from anywhere between 500. Amazing feat of memory only one of its kind in the World. It has been in use for thousands of years to memories Sutras & is known as Saraswati Sadhana.
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  • 'Yoga Ka Itihas – mere purvajonke path se'
    This film, in Hindi is the original version of 'HISTORY OF YOGA'. It also incorporates docu-drama of various historical events. Duration 117mins.

  • "Swantsukhaya" ,
    "Swantsukhaya", means that which is joyful to self. Swantsukhaya, is a short film of Manganiyar children of western desert of Rajasthan. Manganiyars are the groups of hereditary professional musicians, whose music has been supported by wealthy landlords and aristocrats for generations. Children pick up singing traditional songs from their very early childhood days. Their initiation begins from listening to their father and other male members of the community. This film shows the learning potentials, skills, enthusiasm and parents encouragement to follow the tradition of Manganiyar songs.

  • "Mandana" ,
    "Mandana" is a short film on folk wall paintings called Mandana of villages of Eastern Rajasthan. These paintings are hand painted by women on the walls of their mud houses on specific festive occasions. Film explores how life inspires motifs of these paintings. How women in the midst of their daily chores find time to collectively join in the process of making painting which goes on for days in every festive season. Women folks make the colors and canvas themselves. This art is now fast diminishing with change from mud house to concrete walls. Film explores this change and its future.

Books & Articles

Work on a comprehensive book on 6000 years of evolution of yoga is in progress. It will have authentic documentation of History and Philosophy of Yoga with high-resolution photographs from across the Indian Subcontinent.